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Ningbo Soaring| May 20th Company Activity In Xikou Scenic spot
 May 23, 2023|View:574

May 20th, as a good and special day, all the people in Ningbo Chenyan Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd participate in a joyous and inspiring activity/ journey in Xikou.

Along the way, we not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Xuedou temple, and Thousand Rock waterfall but also visit Jieshi Jiang’s former residence, and learned about historical celebrities' life stories.

Afternoon, we started an exciting team game. Through the game, we felt the tacit understanding and mutual care between us. We do not care about the outcome, but the people and things on the way and those beautiful memories and scenery.

The team activity is successfully completed. A group of people, a road, grow together, be grateful, everything is good. The sun is warming, time is not lost, and all the way forward, the future can be expected!