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    Your Cleaning Brush Supplier

    Ningbo Jiangbei Soaring Plastic & Electronic Factory (Ningbo Chenyan Electrical Appliances CO., LTD) is a manufacturer of home appliances & electronic products, our main products are pest & animal repellers, mosquito killers, pet series, cleaning brushes, led celebration lights etc. as seen on TV products.

    We provide with ODM and OEM business services and also cooperates with some of famous brands. With consistent high-quality standards, our products have won an excellent reputation in the world. Our main market is European, American, Japan and Korea.
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    • Pre-sale Service
      ●We have more than 20 years of best electromagnetic pest repeller、motorized tile scrubber and other production experience;
      ●Support sample testing service;
      ●Quick response to inquiries;
    • OEM/ODM Service
      ●Product color, color box packaging & logo silk-screen can be customized;
      ●Circuit board can be customized;
      ●electromagnetic pest repeller、motorized tile scrubber Product shape & function can be customized if clients apply the designs;
    • After-sale Service
      ●Electromagnetic pest repeller、motorized tile scrubber and other product supply one year warranty;
      ●If the product is not artificially damaged during the warranty period, it can be replaced for free;
      ●The R&D department participates, and the sales team provides full online service;
      ●The delivery time of the reorder is shorter and more convenient;


    Electric Cleaning Brush

    Electric Cleaning Brush

    Choose our customized electric spin brush,motorized bathroom scrubber,motorized tile scrubber and discover a superior cleaning solution that combines efficiency, convenience, and exceptional results.Click more about innovative cleaning solutions with customized electric spin brush,motorized bathroom scrubber and motorized tile scrubber for your tile cleaning needs. Soaring electric spin scrubber includemotorized bathroom scrubber, motorized tile scrubber cordless,rechargeable cleaning brush,electric spin scrubbers and customizable electric cleaning brush. Thess motorized bathroom scrubber, motorized tile scrubber, and rechargeable cleaning brush can remove tough dirt and grime on pots, pans, dishes, sinks, refrigerator shelves and other kitchen appliances. Motorized bathroom scrubber gets rid of the troubles caused by traditional cleaning tools. The motorized bathroom scrubber is super lightweight and easy to pick up and use to clean surfaces without getting tired. Motorized tile scrubber cordless in its cordless design, this scrubber provides greater mobility and flexibility, allowing for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and spaces without the restrictions and limitations imposed by cords or wires. And motorized tile scrubber delivers powerful cleaning performance. Motorized bathroom scrubber eliminates the need for disposable batteries, which is both more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. And it is convenient and easy to use, as it can be recharged quickly and simply plugged in when not in use.


    Perfect!! I received the ultrasonic repellent as expected well pack, it is high quality.I live in a heavily wooded area where deer are plentiful and hungry. I gave this dog chaser device a test drive, and so far it has worked beautifully. The deer get close to the yard where I have positioned the unit, but steer clear. It seems to be working! I don't have to spend my time cleaning and chasing after them, so for me it's a very good investment.This solar animal repellent device is easy to use at house or garden where you would like to repeal away some unwelcome animals .You can use the barely audible to human ear high pitched deterrent, all the way to the lights flashing, alarm sounding, to drive away the animals.Being solar is a definite plus!
    I bought these pest repellers sometime ago, I moved into a mini apartment an had a problem with huge water bugs coming from a vent apparently from someone else's apartment. They freak me out! I bought 2 pks of these an plugged like 4 in on the power strips in each room. Well, not only did I no longer see them, When I went outside my apartment, I actually saw one running away on the other side of the hall like he was trying to get away from whatever noise was coming out of MY apartment! An another scurrying away avoiding my apartment instead of trying to sneak in. So I will say yes, it works. OH THANK GOD!
    This bug zapper is heaven sent! It attracts and zaps all pesky flies, mosquitoes, and Beatles from my patio. I can finally host a party and hang out without the use of useless bug spray or bug candles. I don’t have to swat while enjoying wine or see my guests slapping themselves with discomfort. I hang my bug zapper on the outdoor garden hooks and DONE! I also place it in the kitchen window when I’m cooking to prevent bugs from flying in the house. I love that I can pair it with Alexa at home to just verbally turn it on. It’s very easy to clean. I pop off the collector on the bottom, rinse off, dry, and pop back on. Great for bug-free living!!
    This product works remarkably well. Within 45 minutes of hanging it, it began to fill with the filthy winged insects plaguing my backyard. However, when I realized I needed to move it further from the house to prevent any from flying in as the door opened and closed the door, the bag slipped and fell. Now, whether you are moving it, or hanging it for the first time is irrelevant. The bag hit the ground, the bottom burst open, and it proceeded to release the fly bait all over the ground where it then attracted even more flies than before. So yes, it works. The bag is plastic with thin seams so be careful and it will certainly get rid of flies.
    Super easy plugs right into the outlet and you still can get to the other plug because it’s not so big that it covers it up. I’ve had these at least three months and they seem to be doing great. Using them in my garage and there’s definitely a decrease in the spiderwebs around that area. Also using in a storage building & no signs of bugs! Truly amazed at how well they seem to be working!
    This product is great to spend time outdoors hiking, fishing or just working in the yard. My biggest issue has always been having to deal with all the SKEETERS (local name for Merskeeters/Mosquitos...) as they are especially attracted to me. I use all types of bug deterrents but am no fan of putting chemicals on my skin or smelling like the lemon lime section of the local Walmart. That's why I decided to give this product a try.
    I love these. I just cleaned my jetted tub like never before. Really gets in to the hard to reach places. I also did the window sills with great success. Soon I’ll scrub my kitchen floor. I love that it comes with two brushes so I can have one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.
    This really works to get the dogs attention if they are barking at someone on the road, or rough-housing inside. They HATE the sound it makes and after a few times, they stop the bad behavior as soon as they see the device in my hand. We had used an air horn before and this is so much nicer as the sound is silent to humans and doesn't scare the beejeevees out of everyone within a half mile radius like the air horn.
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      Bark Buster Dog Training is a highly effective method that has gained recognition for its ability to address problematic behaviors in dogs. With its unique approach and tailored techniques, Bark Buster Dog Training has become a preferred choice for many dog owners. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Bark Buster Dog Training, its applications, and specifically address the question: Is Bark Buster Dog Training suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?


      Electromagnetic pest repellers have gained popularity as an alternative method for pest control. These devices claim to repel pests such as rodents and insects by emitting electromagnetic waves. In this article, we will explore the advantages of electromagnetic pest repellers,their applications, and address the question: do they actually work? Additionally, we will provide insights into important considerations when customizing an electromagnetic pest repeller.


      Motorized tile scrubbers are highly efficient and versatile cleaning tools that offer numerous benefits. These machines are specifically designed to make the task of cleaning tiles easier and more effective. With their rotating brushes and powerful motors, motorized tile scrubbers can quickly remove dirt, grime, and stains from tile surfaces. They are commonly used in residential and commercial settings, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and tiled floors. However, one common question that arises is whether a motorized tile scrubber can be used on surfaces other than tiles.


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